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Caleb Promise, 6 ft 2 inch self-proclaimed independent agent. Aligning with any single country equals immediate bias. Free from the old stone monastery, an embodiment of his own character at the time of his parents death, he refuses to be bound again.

His loyalty is pledged to man-kind. Humanity, justice and doing what is right just because it is right despite the cost. He chooses his missions. Sometimes, he finds himself pulled by his conscience into situations but his gut feeling and logic have the final word.

The world has turned inward. Every country for itself and every man for himself. But, Caleb challenges this mindset even when he is the last man standing for justice. He’s holding on. How long can he do it?

His name means “Faithful, devoted, whole-hearted, bold and brave.” He intends to live up to it for the sake of every agent, soldier, man and woman and child who holds his same passion. This is the promise of Caleb.