Peppers and Tomatoes

Episode 1 Part 1
Blogcast on Youtube “Live Your Life With Kay” K-Today.

Tomatoes & Peppers is a life recipe, self-help story referencing seasons in our lives.

“Surviving A Diagnosis”

Novel by K. A. Bryant – Non-fiction Coming June 2020 Release date June 2020. “What is K. A. Bryant Non-Fiction?” K. A. Bryant non-fiction is broad-casted as “K-Today”. It is practical content in video, podcast and online teaching courses addressing a variety of everyday living topics. It informs, encourages, and empowers. The first non-fiction novella,…

Surviving COVID-19 Together

COVID-19, unexpected, devastating and terrifying. The invisible enemy attacking a visible body. In some way, we are all touched by it but we have a positive expected end. Doing a checklist for face masks, gloves and sanitizer resembles the routine of a surgeon preparing for an operation, not like someone going to the grocery store…