K. A. Bryant Non-Fiction


Why does an Espionage, mystery, thriller author have a non-fiction platform?


K. A. BRYANT is opening the door. World events spurred the early release of a long-time vision to provide inspirational and practical life-tools to help others reach their full potential by using personal knowledge.

Why do this?

  • Our world is about to enter ‘re-set’ and many of us will be starting from ground zero. I believe that this content will empower us to do that successfully.
  • Living with long-term illnesses and difficult diagnosis is a part of life for millions. Though, the journey may not change, what we get out of it can.

What can I expect?

  • “Learn” Teaching courses posted on the YouTube Channel “Live Your Life With Kay”. Moderate length, easy-listening courses on topics ranging from faith to home management. Currently working on “Homeschooling Like A PRO” . After over a decade of owning and operating a Christian Daycare Academy, I’m going to hand you my experience. Listen or access the video-cards with easy-to-read notes.
  • “Listen” Podcast of practical encouraging tools and topics with a thread of Christian values pulling it all together.
  • “Read” K. A. Bryant Non-fiction will offer ‘How-to’ books in e-book, paperback and hardcover format. Expect candid true-to-life topics and advice.
  • My Goal is to bridge the gap between people by dealing with topics all of us face as human beings. How live our ‘best’ life. We only get one shot at it so let’s do it right.

As I learn, I teach. That’s the purpose of this platform. I’m interested in seeing where K. A. Bryant Non-Fiction goes. This is just the beginning. Join me.

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